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10 reasons to use Ultimaker Cura

While slicing and printing can be pretty demanding, Ultimaker Cura can make things easier. Whether you’re a beginner just learning the ropes or a veteran trying to streamline your printing farm, Cura can help you out. All3DP wrote an article on 10 reasons to use Ultimaker Cura.

Ultimaker behaalt ISO / IEC 27001 security certificaat

Ultimaker heeft met succes de audit voor het ISO/IEC 27001 certificaat doorlopen. Het Ultimaker-platform is een van de eerste 3D printplatformen dat door een onafhankelijke organisatie is gecertificeerd voor IT beveiliging.

Ultimaker launch Metal Expansion kit for S5 3D Printer

Ultimaker is now offering a dedicated solution for 3D printing metal parts on the desktop using its S5 3D printer, new Cura 5.0 software, BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse 17-4PH material and the ceramic Ultrafuse Support Layer. The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit will include all required items for metal parts preparation from printing to accessing post-processing services, including materials and a set of dedicated print cores to support both the metal filament and its support layer, allowing full design freedom. A new Print Core DD 0.4, a highly wear-resistant core able to print the abrasive support material has been developed, but no permanent hardware modifications are needed as print cores and materials can be tapped out like any other print core or filament. The kit includes access to exclusive Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy content that has been developed with the team from BASF Forward AM to teach the full workflow with all kinds of tips and tricks to apply Metal FDM 3D printing on the Ultimaker platform.

New 3D printing tools for production line agility at L'Oreal

The 2021 Solvay AM Cup presented entries with a real-world manufacturing challenge to solve for the L'Oréal factory using 3D printing on an Ultimaker printer and Solvay filament. The winning puck design is 3D printed as one piece. In fact, the sturdy base with intricate retractable blades is only manufacturable with 3Dprinting. The AM Cup winning design has the potential to eliminate puck changes at L’Oréal’s factories greatly reducing time, labor, and increasing efficiency. Read the entire article here: