CTC GMBH evaluating Ultimaker technology for production improvement with 3D printing

CTC GmbH has started to exploit 3D printing technology in their workflow, to produce fast, on-demand jigs, fixtures and prototypes.

The CTC GmbH, an Airbus Company – Germany’s leading center for research and development in the field of designing and manufacturing large, complex CFRP components, is exploring additive manufacturing options for streamlined production processes using Ultimaker 3D printers.

The CTC GmbH covers the competence chain end to end – starting with design and concluding with a comprehensive manufacturing solution. Innovation is integral to the organization and their key objective is to develop series production technologies for the creation and assembly of their components, which are used for aircraft construction.

Streamlined Production

As part of their continued development, CTC is exploring new technologies, with the aim of streamlining production and improving efficiency. By introducing 3D printing technology in the workplace, the organization could potentially design and manufacture vital tooling and prototypes in-house; reducing time taken to manufacture components and lowering overall cost.

Ultimaker 3 3D Printers

CTC is currently testing and evaluating the inclusion of Ultimaker 3 printers in their production environment – using them to print measurement reference geometries, jigs, fixtures and prototypes. The screening of Ultimaker’s 3D printing technology marks an important step towards 3D printing high performance thermoplastics, furthering innovation in the field. In a dedicated end-to-end digital and physical environment, called 3D-Hub, the CTC is introducing the 3D-printing technology in the aircraft production environment and offers a place for innovation and collaboration. The organization was attracted to Ultimaker’s printers largely due to their time- and cost-saving potential as well as their their flexibility in terms of design potential.

Ultimaker sees the collaboration as an important step forward for the company.

We believe passionately in innovation. Through the testing of our 3D printers, CTC can develop new ways of manufacturing cost-effective components and jigs, which is integral to the development of the aircraft industry.
Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker
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