Ultimaker 3D printers introduced to classrooms

Students Create New Designs and Develop Skills with 3D Printing

Ultimaker, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, is teaming up with schools to give students access to a unique learning experience with 3D printing. As 3D printing continues to gain popularity, schools such as 't Slingertouw in the Netherlands and Cowley International College in the United Kingdom, are beginning to take advantage of the opportunity to teach students about the new technology. 3D printing education introduces students to the future of engineering in a new and exciting way, and in doing so, prepares students for future careers.

Robin Platjouw, a school teacher and information and communications technology (ICT) coordinator at 't Slingertouw, uses Ultimaker 3D printers to stimulate creativity in his students. Nearly 200 seventh and eighth graders visit Platjouw’s makerspace once a week to work with the 3D printers. Students learn how to assemble the Ultimaker Original + DIY package, create their own digital 3D designs on a computer and print 3D objects right in the classroom.

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Ultimaker’s 3D printing technology can be incorporated into a variety of different courses including computer science, design technology, art and design, science, engineering and mathematics. At university level, students interact with the printer in a more professional setting and in turn, can see how real-world companies utilize 3D printing. Professor Robin Jones at Cowley International College in the United Kingdom, uses 3D printers to teach students how to make objects with several parts, and then how to piece them together to create more complicated models.

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3D printing gives students a new outlet to use their imagination in the classroom. With 3D printing, students and teachers are able to create their own designs and watch them come to life right before their eyes. Ultimaker’s printers are open source so students are able to experiment and learn how being open source is important to innovation and creativity.

About Ultimaker

Since 2011, Ultimaker has built an open and easy-to-use solution of 3D printers, software and materials that enable professional designers and engineers to innovate every day. Today, Ultimaker is the market leader in desktop 3D printing. From offices in the Netherlands, New York, Boston, and Singapore – plus production facilities in Europa and the US – its global team of over 400 employees work together to accelerate the world’s transition to digital distribution and local manufacturing.