Jakarta, Indonesia,

Ultimaker Announces Strategic Partnership with PT Sentral Mitra Informatika, Tbk (IDX:LUCK)

Debuts in Indonesia with launch of Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Ultimaker S3

Ultimaker, the global leader in desktop 3D printing, announced today its strategic partnership with PT Sentral Mitra Informatika, Tbk (IDX:LUCK), Indonesia’s leading provider of information technology hardware, solutions, and services. The partnership underpins Ultimaker’s commitment to expanding its reach in Indonesia, providing enterprise customers with swifter access to 3D printing solutions.

As Industry 4.0 dawns, enterprises recognise that it is imperative to harness technological advances such as 3D printing to re-engineer their business models. Companies that have embarked on their digital journeys through the adoption of 3D printing have reported significant cost-savings and increased productivity1. Known for its open strategy, Ultimaker offers the widest range of materials for desktop 3D printing on the market. This empowers businesses to print limitless applications, whether it is production tools, end-use parts, or functional prototypes – on demand, anytime, anywhere. Disruptive businesses in Indonesia that wish to digitize their supply chains and automate workflows can now leverage and have easy access to 3D printing due to the new alliance between Ultimaker and PT Sentral Mitra Informatika, Tbk (IDX:LUCK).

Indonesia is a key market in Asia Pacific. As a publicly listed company providing best-in-class systems and procedures in Indonesia, Sentral is well-poised to help drive and expand Ultimaker’s footprint in the country. We are confident that this strategic partnership will empower our enterprise customers in Indonesia with optimised distribution services and innovative solutions.
Mr Benjamin Tan, Vice President of Ultimaker Asia Pacific
Having been a leading provider of IT solutions and services for over a decade, this strategic partnership with Ultimaker further augments our mission in empowering our enterprise customers in their digital transformation efforts. Ultimaker is one of the leaders in the 3D printing space, with superior products and solutions. We see synergy in this partnership through our complementary expertise and the ability to build on each other’s experience.
Mrs Josephine Handayani Hidajat, President Director of Sentral

Mr Tan and Mrs Josephine Handayani Hidajat, put pen to paper on the partnership deal at the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony this morning at CGV Cinemas Pacific Place. Mr Tan then officially introduced Ultimaker’s new products, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and the Ultimaker S3, to participants at the event.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle
The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle consists of the award-winning Ultimaker S5, the new Ultimaker S5 Air Manager, and the new Ultimaker S5 Material Station, which seamlessly integrate with one another. This unique solution has been tested to be left unattended 24/7, and significantly improves 3D printing workflow and productivity. This gives engineers the flexibility to spend more time on doing their best work ­– and less time managing and monitoring their desktop 3D printers.

The Ultimaker S3
The Ultimaker S3 offers turnkey production capacity for high-quality results. This affordable desktop 3D printer has composite-ready performance and an efficiently small footprint to fit easily in any workspace. Packed with the latest technology, the Ultimaker S3 offers disruptive businesses a cost-effective way to adopt and drive in-house 3D printing.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and the Ultimaker S3 are available for sale through PT Sentral Mitra Informatika, Tbk (IDX:LUCK), and respectively cost IDR175,000.00 and IDR81,000.00. Updated third-party material print profiles for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle will be made available in the Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura. For more information and pricing, please visit our product page or read our blog post.

About Ultimaker

Since 2011, Ultimaker has built an open and easy-to-use solution of 3D printers, software and materials that enable professional designers and engineers to innovate every day. Today, Ultimaker is the market leader in desktop 3D printing. From offices in the Netherlands, New York, Boston, and Singapore – plus production facilities in Europa and the US – its global team of over 400 employees work together to accelerate the world’s transition to digital distribution and local manufacturing.

About PT Sentral Mitra Informatika, Tbk (IDX:LUCK)
Sentral Mitra Informatika, Tbk (IDX:LUCK) is an Information and Communication Technology solutions provider in Indonesia, offering a vast array of technology products & services. Its expertise and partnerships with world-class principals enables Sentral to create a unique solution to help its clients grow their businesses. Sentral consistently challenges and strives to provide best-in-class services and solutions. To date, Sentral is providing for more than 2.700 clients in various industries and sectors nationwide.